Texas Pre Foreclosure Listing

Pre foreclosure sales basically occur when a property owner has defaulted in the payments of their mortgage and would like to avoid a foreclosure. Such a homeowner may receive a Notice of Sale (NOS), Lis Pendens or a Notice of Default (NOD). Investors find pre foreclosure listings through realtors, the local newspaper, online directories, real estate wholesalers, attorneys and public records.

Texas Pre foreclosure listings provide home buyers with the opportunity to identify discount property before it is formally listed for sale, as well as getting such investment property or new home at a great price.  Regardless of the pre foreclosure being a Lis Pendens or a Notice of Default, it will be included in the current Texas pre foreclosure listings.

Often time, these homes can be put up for a short sale as well. Although pre foreclosure most of the time are not always available for occupancy or sale, by engaging on them early in the process of foreclosure, bargain home buyers have an edge over other competitors to buy a discount home in Texas.

As in most cases, purchasing a property in Texas during its period of foreclosure is the best time to do so. A lot of properties are bought during this period, which is the reason a large and accurate pre foreclosure listing inventory website, is offering our readers a sign up for our free trial.

There are several ways to go about the purchase of a pre foreclosure which you find on our website.

  • You can contact the property owner directly. As a new subscriber/ reader, you get to sign up for a free trial, which afterwards you are provided with access to pre foreclosure listings, the owner’s contact information as provided on the website. You can ask to make an appointment with the owner to view such property and discuss potentially buying it.
  • You can contact an agent or broker, as we have combed your local area for the best experts to help you with purchasing Texas pre foreclosure real estate.
  • You can contact a real estate agent on the website, as any property listed with a real estate agent means he/she understands the sellers’ situation and will provide you with detailed property information and property photos as well as the price of the property, square footage and the taxes to be paid.


If you choose to wait until the public foreclosure auction sale or afterwards, there would be a much stronger competition and higher prices to cover the lenders legal cost. This also means auctioning off the property to the highest bidder.

Signing up with our free trial  means that you get to do the least legwork as you will be offered hundreds of pre foreclosure listings which include Texas Notice of Default Listings, Texas Notice of Trustee Sale Listings and Texas Pre foreclosure listing as well as getting contact information of the agent right beside the property listed. Also, you get to work with experts to help guide you through the entire sales process.