California Pre Foreclosure Listing

Pre-foreclosure is referred to properties in the early stages of being reclaimed for the inability to pay outstanding mortgage obligation by the property owner within the given time. The condition to start a pre-foreclosure is when the lender files a non-payment notice on the property to make aware the owner of the possibilities of proceeding with legal actions if the debt is not taken care of. Filing a California notice of trustee sale according to California laws that let homeowners know their homes will be put on the market at California public trustee foreclosure auction.

Be aware that, a pre-foreclosed property does not necessarily mean the property is for sale, at this stage, the owner is still left with the options to either pay off the debt or sell the property before it finally goes into foreclosure. The owner still has all legal rights over a property at pre-foreclosure.

California pre-foreclosure listings bring forth for both buyers and real estate investors. Californian pre-foreclosed listings on average can be bought at a price 50% cheaper than the initial price of the home in the current market. Properties at pre-foreclosure can be a big deal for those trying to buy big and save more, investors can multiply their profits while working with pre-foreclosed properties while buyers will be offered with a price much lower than the normal market rates. Have you been thinking of how to get your hands on one of these properties, there’s just one but perfect place I can say for sure. Finding a home at pre-foreclosure has never been this easy. We can always make available the best options of pre-foreclosed homes to feed your needs. Our services include a free trial for clients to have a taste of our outstanding service.

Everyone involved in the home buying business always goes for the best values in properties facing foreclosure which brings fierce competition among them. They often waste most of their time and money posting outdated listings. They go through a lot of stress in printing daily Updated Notice of Default Listing. Why go through all these when it can all be done from home? Why all the stress when you’ve been offered a free service to check California Notice of Default Listing? Default Research.Inc has provided a free service for every real estate agent, home buyer, mortgage broker and realtor to go through homes at pre-foreclosure.  After completing our free registration, you’ll have a full experience of our services by receiving every California Notice of Default Listing to your inbox. All can be done in the comfort of your desk instead of taking a long walk around in search of a pre-foreclosed home.

Beginners and experienced real estate investors have several different places to find a pre-foreclosed home. Your desired location of search will highly depend on what amount of time and energy you’re able to waste while searching. We have simplified the process to ground level to let everyone have a taste of properties way cheaper than the local market value.

We can help you find homes with 50% cheaper rates than the local market in your area. You will be able to access several pictures, maps, details and contact information about pre-foreclosed homes while working with us.  With our Free Trail, you’re given the ability to browse hundreds of amazing deals, a free access to information about pre-foreclosure listings around you, notice of default and trustee sales around you. If you don’t seem impressed with the result, you can still cancel during the free trial and not a penny will be charged from you. We offer great links and resources for investors and homebuyers. The fastest way to locate properties in all stages of pre-foreclosure.


The search for Pre-foreclosure

One problem most buyers and agents face in buying a home in this condition is finding the home itself. This is so because most of the pre-foreclosed properties are not yet placed on the market for other reasons. The ideal way of starting your search in going through online directories offering such services in order to be placed at the top of your competitors. This pre-foreclosure information is provided for free with our Free Trail account.  Every property we show you will be incorporated with relevant property details such as property condition, interior and exterior photos, the total number of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Once you see a property that suits your taste, drive by and see it yourself so you can further understand its condition. You could have a brief meeting with the owner or a close by neighbor to understand the present state of the property. Be careful during this time for the home still belongs to the owner. Homeowners are known to resolve their financial problems in most cases, so you need to do your best to verify if the home is still in the state of default. This information is to be provided by the person who provided the notice of trustee sale listing. We can provide a foreclosure specialist to help you during this process.

Our Targeted Audience

Our services are ideal for buyers, real estate investors, realtors, and mortgage brokers. Our site is the perfect place for you to start your search for pre-foreclosure listings. We can provide you that much details about pre-foreclosure listings before can ever get to drive anywhere for further information.

Why you should sign up for our Free Trial

Some people might now still be wondering why they should work with us in this process. I will list a few benefits you get for free while working with us.

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